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Back in May 2006, when I devised the concept of this Digital Luxury Networking Group, I had no idea that the Digital Luxury Group on LinkedIn would grow to 2000, 6000 then over 15,000 members in a few years.

I felt that there was a need for Luxury Brands professionals to share openly and discuss how they could engage in Direct Sales and E-Commerce. Today, exceptional professionals from around the world have joined our group and we are amazed by their contributions and the way they openly share their knowledge.

This led us to create this blog in order to share more in-depth content, to go beyond the format of a forum and engage with a wider audience.  We are doing this with like-minded people, experts in the fields of Branding, Marketing and Sales for Luxury and Lifestyle Products. Here.. we hope that you will find that we are passionate about Luxury Brands and how they can engage in E-Commerce.

After years of “Do It Yourself”, we can now increasingly rely on stable technology and mature methodologies. “E-Commerce” is more than a buzz word, it is business critical.
Indeed, we are convinced that 2010 is Year 0 for Luxury Brands’ Direct Sales and E-Commerce, and all this has yet to be explored and developed. Branding and Merchandising codes of Luxury have to be re-defined – the world of Digital is truly changing Customer perceptions and behaviors.
Our aim is to inform you and to foster discussions, as well as to share tools useful to you and your career.

What will you find in this blog?

– Thought provoking news and Case Studies.. who has cracked it?
– Strong opinions and open-minded debates.. how did they do it, why did they fail?
– Jobs and career advice
– Peers who will be happy to share insight and knowledge

… and hopefully some fun too!

Most of all, we want this place to be an open, genuine and friendly environment to discuss, share and learn.

Alexandre Meerson


Alexandre Meerson

Alexandre Meerson is a Board Advisor and consultant to Luxury, Beauty and Fashion Brands & Retailers. Specialised in CRM, online Retail, CRM and E-Commerce, he works globally on behalf of the most iconic Brands.
His consultancy – ‘La Boutique de Luxe’  – – helps Brands deliver Commercial Innovation and Change through Customer Experience, Digital Marketing & International Distribution.
The founder and curator of the Digital Luxury Brands online networking group, Alexandre constantly researches ways to combine Brand Experience with Product Knowledge and Hard Working E-Commerce to generate sustainable revenue, profit and customer loyalty.
Alexandre heads up ‘La Boutique de Luxe’, a specialized multichannel marketing and sales consulting firm. His unique blend of experiences on behalf of prestigious Luxury & Lifestyle Brands and recognized B2B Businesses places him in a strong position to share his expertise in the fields that underpin successful online retail and business transformation.

E-Commerce consulting – CRM Consulting – Luxury, Beauty and Fashion Brands