The right use of Social Media for Luxury Brands? As a Media, not as a Home.

Some things never change, apparently.
Bring an innovation, people will be skeptical at first. Then marketers take it on, push adoption, use and abuse it.. and totally mess it up.

Why would a Luxury Brand develop a Facebook page as it’s own website, does it really make sense? I do not think so.

In a recent report, I read that some brands were criticized (like Rolex) because they did not really engage actively on Facebook.. as if it was essential. I think this is preposterous.

When asked if a Luxury Brand should engage on Facebook, I tend to take a big, big breath and to recommend to get the basics right first.

Isn’t it more about the nature of the brand and its relationship with its customers? And then about how customers share about the Brand and whether they speak with the Brand?

In the world of genuine luxury – and I know it is very politically incorrect – I think it is not about being customer centric.. but to be Brand centric to better serve the right customers without excluding the others. And we know there is a lot of work to be done there, in particular in terms of basic and elementary CRM.

That it is not about being “social” but aspirational and to deliver to that promise

This is why, very often, we see more use at focusing on developing the territory of expression owned by the Brand – through imagery, media.. that is then shared by customers on their network. A Luxury Brand does not need Facebook, but Facebook needs Luxury Brands. Facebook is good for people to share insight, moods and ideas, and they do talk about Luxury Brands. There is a great opportunity here for Luxury Brands to produce content and media that will be shared, and in this way to better ensure the quality of their representation. There is also a great opportunity to learn about their customers.

But at the end of the day, this does not require growing a Facebook page as their own website..
In other words, use social media, as a Media, not as a home.

This is why my first question is usually what can we do better than going on Facebook? Thinking proper customer relationship in store for example.

As usual, looking forward to your thoughts!


Alexandre Meerson

Alexandre Meerson is luxury watch designer and a luxury Brands advisor.
The son of a renowned watch and jewellery designer – Emerich Meerson – and a child of the digital era, Meerson has always cultivated a passion for horology, fashion and architecture. He is fascinated by the imprint of the hand-made; the moment before the machine, and the relationship between craftsmanship and luxury. 

Meerson grew up in France. He was initiated in the art of watch-making during his formative years, between his father’s design studio in Paris and the family’s watch workshop in Besançon. He then went on to pursue a career with the other side of the business.

For many years, he worked for the most iconic luxury brands in the world, building expertise in all aspects of exclusive retail and branding. The launch of Alexandre Meerson represents a natural move combining Meerson’s innate creative vision together with his deep understanding of the codes of today’s luxury.

The ethos of Alexandre Meerson – as a brand on – is to practice Art in Detail, mastering a craft to create timepieces that at first appear simple yet reveal striking details to the wearer over time. This is today’s luxury for the strong and self-assured individual.

All timepieces are made of precious materials, tailored and manufactured in limited and ultra-limited collections, with unique pieces also available by special order.

Design is carried out entirely in-house at the brand’s country estate headquarters in the Surrey Hills, England. The splendid AM-4708 and AM-4808 movements were developed by Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier in Switzerland. All other components are manufactured by Swiss artisans. These 88 exceptional craftsmen, seduced by the sharp creative drive of Meerson, have become friends of the brand, endorsing it with their talent.

A consultant to Luxury, Beauty and Fashion Brands & Retailers. Specialised in CRM, online Retail, CRM and E-Commerce, he works globally on behalf of the most iconic Brands.
His consultancy – ‘La Boutique de Luxe’  – – helps Brands deliver Commercial Innovation and Change through Customer Experience, Digital Marketing & International Distribution.
The founder and curator of the Digital Luxury Brands online networking group, Alexandre constantly researches ways to combine Brand Experience with Product Knowledge and Hard Working E-Commerce to generate sustainable revenue, profit and customer loyalty.
Alexandre heads up ‘La Boutique de Luxe’, a specialized multichannel marketing and sales consulting firm. His unique blend of experiences on behalf of prestigious Luxury & Lifestyle Brands and recognized B2B Businesses places him in a strong position to share his expertise in the fields that underpin successful online retail and business transformation.

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